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Designed to reflect ELLE’s Parisian roots, the ELLE home décor collection artfully combines a relaxed, carefree spirit with the elegance of the modern, contemporary home.


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Combining 200 years of British colour heritage and sophisticated interior design, ELLE Decoration by Crown Paints is a modern, feminine and six luxurious colour palettes in a range of matt finishes. Selected for their sophistication and innovation, these paint shade will allow you to display your Parisian and personal style at home.

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The ELLE DECORATION wallpaper collection promises high-quality, sophisticated design and inspiration: elegant, modern and stylish. It features seven expressive designs for an exclusive living area, with a harmonious colour spectrum. This high-end collection plays with matt and glossy elements.

Wallpapers with passion!

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Give a unique touch to your interior! The carpet is the ultimate element of a warm and refined decoration in your room.

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Soak up the sun and embrace the natural beauty outside your front door with our comfortable outdoor furniture. It’s designed to look great no matter what the weather, and to maintain durability for years.

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