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Designed to reflect ELLE’s Parisian roots, the ELLE home décor collection artfully combines a relaxed, carefree spirit with the elegance of the modern, contemporary home.


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Living Room

The ELLE consume needs a living space that reflects his or her intellect, personal pursuits, and zest for life. That’s where ELLE DÉCOR’s exquisite home collection comes in. Our line lives at the intersection of form and function, embracing a rich color palette, comfortable materials, and a flexible living space that suits your needs, whatever they may be.


Sink into plush comfort with our collection of elegant sofas and sectionals. They are more than just furniture — they are the centerpieces of the room, and the springboard for experiences and meaningful conversations shared with your friends, family, and loved ones.


Make your dream bedroom a reality.

Bed Sheets

Find the perfect sheets to make your bed comfortable and stylish.


Stretch out, curl up, and let your dreams take over with our elegant ELLE Bedding collection. Featuring deliciously comfortable fabrics that stand up to daily use and stunning patterns that will make your room feel palatial.


Walking into a clean, organized bathroom is a joy. Keep your bathroom tidy with our modern bath accessories and storage solutions.


Hone your bathroom right down to the tiniest details. The ELLE Bath Towel Collection brings some pure bliss to your bath space.


Our top-quality ELLE DÉCOR line of cookware encompasses a range of superior cooking tools to help you prepare the delicious dishes you crave. Whether cooking for one or cooking for a crowd, you’ll understand the Parisian art de vivre when you introduce these formidable tools to your kitchen.

Kitchen textiles

Impress your friends and unlock your inner French chef with our ELLE Bakeware collection and line of luxurious kitchen towels and textiles.

Pet Beds

Make your dog as fashionable as you are !


When your dog looks as chic as you do, you can take him or her anywhere…

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