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Like a Bird – Spring Summer 2019

Enough of the daily commutes and stiflingly crowded streets: it’s time for our typically sparkling and spontaneous Parisian to get a change of scene! This is the moment to take flight and see what the world can offer.

She might jet off to Italy and explore the beautiful and luxurious Hotel Excelsior Vittoria. In fact, it’s exactly what she needs because, like her, it combines modernity and with its own unique legacy, making it singularly perfect for relaxation and well-being. Once she is there, she feels free as a bird and as light as a feather, so she decides to go explore everything the region has to offer. 

This new collection is a reflection of the pleasure-seeking, passionate Parisian woman. Wearing this, she’s purely herself, anywhere, anytime, and always audacious, free-spirited and dynamic.

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