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Soledad passed by Thailand the last June 13th, an inspiring moment !

The whole ELLE family was very proud to introduce you to our new capsule collection realized by our famous artist Soledad. 

Soledad was as sparkling as ever ! Huge drawing on the wall, personalized small drawing or photo taken with the guests, Soledad showed her products with generosity ! 

Inspired by a « Petit Air de Paris », these little bags that look like candies are so cute ! We can’t help thinking about them after having seen them ! 😍

If you want to know more about this refreshing collection, don’t wait any longer to follow us at @elleboutique ! You will be able to watch Soledad’s adventures on our highlight story « ELLExSoledad » ! 

#ELLExSoledad #Soledadinthailand #Newcapsulecollection #Parisiananywhere 

Welcome to the first ELLE Décor Café pop-up store!

After the ELLE cafés in Tokyo, Shanghai, Bangkok, the ELLE brand is extending its concept of lifestyle experience.
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Hotel Particulier – Automne Hiver 2017/2018

Le lieu du tournage du FW17 ELLE s’est déroulé dans un hôtel particulier reflétant le charme parisien et les cartes [...]
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SS19 拍摄地 – Hotel Exelcior Vittoria

在毗邻波西斯塔、卡普里岛和那不勒斯的索伦托,坐落着一家拥有180年历史的五星级大酒店——伊克斯希尔维多利亚大酒店(Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria)。大气磅礴的酒店和周围蔚为壮观的景色源源不断地吸引着全球游客。如果你想要在世界各地感受巴黎式的生活方式(#parisiananywhere ),ELLE Boutique向你诚挚推荐此处,不论是这里的壮阔风景,还是精美的意大利建筑,都可以视为巴黎风尚的完美再现。如果你计划在夏天前往意大利维多利亚大酒店,不妨参考我们的@elleboutique精彩故事,和我们一起探索一趟终生难忘的旅程。我们还为你准备了ELLE2019春夏摄影独家后台故事!#parisiananywhere #SS19 #BeExcelsiorVittoria

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