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ELLE x SOLEDAD - « Un petit air de Paris » - 2019

The distinctly Parisian illustrator Soledad was born to a family of artists, illustrators and art collectors. 

Soledad: a sparkling Parisian artist

Formerly an artistic director of a Parisian advertising agency, she discovered the world of ELLE magazine and has been collaborating closely with French ELLE for many years, creating a range of characters, most notably for Fonelle’s stories. She also pens a weekly humor column in the form of a comic strip, regularly illustrates books for children (with “L’Ecole des Loisirs”) and adults (with Marabout for the “Les Paresseuses” collection), and has created characters for stationery products, children’s brands (such as Bonpoint), Pierre Hermé pastries, L’Occitane products, and more. She has also exhibited mannequin-sized illustrations at the Colette boutique and at Le Bon Marché department store in Paris.

“My work is such a joy!”

“Let’s share happiness” is Soledad’s mantra. With her trademark kindness, Soledad expresses a multitude of ideas and a constant sense of renewal by bringing joy to others. Her now famous and ever-popular French/Parisian women—whom she loves to draw—are characterized by humor, non-judgmental goodwill and a certain caustic lightness. With their positive outlook on life, they express the French joie de vivre, bold independence and taste for derision! 

Through her drawings, Soledad highlights the value of generosity, inherent joy, and freedom. Committed to the empowerment of women, she has also explored the unbalanced relationships that exist between men and women… So ELLE!

ELLE x SOLEDAD Limited-Edition Collection

In 2019, Soledad illustrated a story about the Parisian lifestyle associated with the ELLE brand, taking readers on a ride through the streets of Paris in “Un petit air de Paris”.

Inspired by “Un petit air de Paris” and launched in May 2019, the ELLE x Soledad limited-edition collection is available in Korea, China, Thailand, and Japan, and reflects Soledad’s desire to give readers a little something from Paris. In the collection, Soledad plays on the French meaning of the words “air de Paris”, evoking the air we breathe, a tune to hum along to, and so on. In line with the expectations of women in each country, the collection is fun and refreshing, and reveals the sometimes funny clichés associated with life in Paris: cue a Parisian woman sitting outside a café, taking her time, reading or watching passersby, accompanied by a bicycle and a dog!

A Fabulous Asian Tour!

This ELLE x Soledad collection went hand-in-hand with an exhibition of the artist’s best IG drawings, all unique and characterized by Soledad’s sharp yet kind eye.

As sparkling as she is generous, she presented this collection on her Asian Tour, where fans had the chance to meet her and watch her draw live on a dedicated wall or at signing sessions.

Featuring little bags reminiscent of candies, printed t-shirts, gorgeous caps, and more, treat yourself to one of the refreshing key pieces in the ELLE x Soledad collection today, and take a piece of Parisian ELLE lifestyle with you wherever you go!

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Soledad นักวาดภาพฝีมือดีชาวปารีสเกิดในครอบครัวศิลปินนักวาดภาพและนักสะสมงานศิลป์เธอเคยเป็นผู้อำนวยการฝ่ายศิลป์ของบริษัทโฆษณาในปารีสเธอเข้าสู่แวดวงELLE และทำงานร่วมกับนิตยสารFrench ELLE อย่างใกล้ชิดเป็นเวลาหลายปีแล้วจวบจนปัจจุบัน

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