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He’s always on the go. He dashes here, there and everywhere from business meetings to exhibitions and the cinema to dinner with friends or a date with a special woman.

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Keep your personal items within reach, and maintain your professional, stylish aesthetic, with our luxurious men’s bags. They’re a necessity both for daily commutes to and from the office, and for travel near or far. Whether you’re hitting the streets of London, Paris, Tokyo, or New York, these well-crafted bags will protect your keepsakes and convey a subtle message: You mean business.

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The zest of life is through adventure. It is in those moments when we are tested, or become explorers, that we access deeper parts of ourselves and truly awaken the human experience. That’s why the ELLE Man craves travel.So, when you go on an adventure, be sure to have the ultimate travel partner with you: our ELLE luggage collection. These durable pieces will take you from city to city, continent to continent, without any doubts about dependability.

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Debonair is in the details. Our collection of luxurious men’s accessories elevate any outfit. It’s the special touches — a luxurious leather wallet, or a smart belt with a stylish buckle — that make all the difference.


Even feet can be fashionable!

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