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Parisian kids live life to the full. Smiling, playful and vivacious, they love getting together to invent new games in the park and run like the wind through the streets of Paris.

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With the ELLE Baby collection, classic French style is interpreted in a new and chic way for little ones.


With its focus on quality and details, ELLE Baby brings exclusive, spontaneous prints and bright or soft natural colours to modern outfits. Modern baby, modern attitude.


Subtly blending heritage looks with a more contemporary feel, ELLE has reimagined a Parisian wardrobe for children. These kids are full of energy and mischief, with an insatiable curiosity and playful spirit.


Easy-going style for real life. Outfits are simple, spontaneous, colourful and on-trend. It’s their mix of casual style, colour and detail that makes these kids perfect petits parisiens.


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