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Designed to reflect the brand’s Parisian roots, the ELLE Decoration collection artfully merges the Parisian easy‐chic with touches of femininity, modernity and unexpected elements.

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Dining room

Parisians take real pleasure in cooking and gathering people around the dining table for dinner or brunch. What matters most to them? Sharing good food with good company in a comfortable setting, of course!

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Give a unique touch to your interior! The carpet is the ultimate element of a warm and refined decoration in your room.

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Bring something fresh to the table!

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Home accent

Even the smallest details make a difference! From wall art to candles and diffusers, the ELLE Decor collection offers a wide range of decorative accents to make your home unique.


Create a mellow ambiance in your home sweet home with our subtle candle lighting.


Each frame in our collection is more beautiful than the last – what better way could there be to cherish your dearest memories?


Who said writing was boring? Notebooks are our new essential it-accessories! Choose between all our different chic and decorative looks.

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