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For over 70 years, ELLE has been at women’s side as they experience their own day-to-day (r)evolutions and it has established itself as a global name. The ELLE brand focuses on creating consumer products that are accessible to all, while also empowering every individual to stand out from the crowd.

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Media heritage & the ELLE mission

Since it was founded in France in 1945, ELLE has bolstered its worldwide recognisability through its media and non-media brand extension business.

Since 1945, ELLE has uncovered trends and been at women’s side throughout their day-to-day lives. ELLE has built its work on four key areas – Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Female Empowerment – which have each been translated into licensing programmes. Its strong brand DNA has opened up endless opportunities.

ELLE’s mission is to guide women through their day-to-day (r)evolutions and it fully assumes its responsibility to create a better world for women – without, of course, forgetting the men they love!

Unique ELLE brand content

Our mission at Lagardère Active Enterprises is to provide our partners with ELLE-branded differentiating assets. Each season, tailor-made, ready-to-use content is creatively renewed to convey ELLE’s core values, namely the JOY OF LIFE, FREEDOM and GENEROSITY. ELLE’s singular brand has disseminated Parisian lifestyle through every available channel since 1945 – and it has no intention of stopping now!

ELLE brand international awareness

The ELLE brand has expanded worldwide, with 45 magazine editions, a monthly readership of 21 million and more than 200 million outlets.

ELLE consumer products are sold in more than 80 countries, generating a retail turnover of approximately US $600M. It has 4000 stand-alone corners.

ELLE brand success stories

Thanks to its significant success stories (some of them dating back more than 30 years), L.A.E. has already extended the brand through 140 licences worldwide. These licenses span womenswear, fashion accessories, cosmetics, spas and lifestyle experiences such as the ELLE Café – and there are plenty more to come!

The L.A.E. overseas experience helps to speed up the process for partners looking for an easy activity extension. By replicating the best ELLE success stories, they will be able to penetrate new markets and distribution channels, but also make connections by creating inbound business.

7 L.A.E. offices – a skilled team

The seven L.A.E. offices’ integrated local teams use all their considerable flexibility and business agility to handle the entire process as an agency.

Thanks to their international experience and cultural adaptability, they are able to accurately tailor ELLE’s assets and efficiently penetrate each market and target, covering everything from collection design to trademarking and marketing.

ELLE synergies

L.A.E.’s considerable brand extension expertise and rigorous guidelines make collaborations with ELLE partners easy. We are proud to facilitate not just connections with the ELLE media network, but synergies between our ELLE licensees and cross-operations with offline and online partners too.

Our brands

ELLE is not a single brand but a multitude of  brands to convey all together the diversity of the Parisians’ lifestyle.

Success stories

Lagardère Active Enterprises (L.A.E.) is the business unit in charge of Lagardère Active’s non-media worldwide ELLE brand extension work. Having established itself as the number-one media-derived fashion and lifestyle brand, ELLE has confirmed its position as a global leader.

As the ELLE brand’s owner, our mission is to create value for ELLE’s partners as we support and supply a global experience. Our capabilities have already been proven through various successful licensing programmes. 

There are so many options to explore together:  our success stories are worth thousand explanations…

ELLE Parfum

We are adding a women’s fragrance to our stable of licensed product lines with ELLE L’Edition Eau de Parfum, launched in October 2018 and created in a worldwide licensing agreement with Fragrance Group London. 

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Since 1945, the ELLE brand has changed the way women want to live their own lives, by consciously guiding them in their daily life in all aspects.

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The distinctly Parisian illustrator Soledad was born to a family of artists, illustrators and art collectors. 

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