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Designed to reflect ELLE’s Parisian roots, the ELLE home décor collection artfully combines a relaxed, carefree spirit with the elegance of the modern, contemporary home.


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Dining room

Parisians take real pleasure in cooking and gathering people around the dining table for dinner or brunch. What matters most to them? Sharing good food with good company in a comfortable setting, of course!

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Give a unique touch to your interior! The carpet is the ultimate element of a warm and refined decoration in your room.

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Being Parisian means knowing how to store as much as possible in the tiniest of spaces!

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    Writing is a joy with our smart line of notebooks and journals. Whether you value avant-garde fashion or the quintessential art deco, the choice of style is yours. Record your deepest thoughts and most imaginative musings with this luxurious line of stationery at your side.

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