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Designed to reflect the brand’s Parisian roots, the ELLE Decoration collection artfully merges the Parisian easy‐chic with touches of femininity, modernity and unexpected elements.

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Living Room

The ELLE Décor furniture collection brings the essence of the ELLE lifestyle into your home. Driven by an eclectic spirit that embraces a fusion of patterns and styles, ELLE Décor focuses on creating products that are accessible to a broad swathe of consumers, while allowing each one of them to craft their own distinctive look.

Dining chairs

Is there anything better than a good meal? Perhaps tucking into a delicious dinner while comfortably seated on one of these stylish chairs…

Dining tables

When you have invited all your friends to dinner, only a big table will do!


Make your dream bedroom a reality.


Beauty is the details! Brighten up your home with soft textures thanks to our amazing collection of decorative pillows.


The bathroom is every Parisian home’s it-place! Keep your bathroom tidy with our modern bath accessories and storage solutions.


Hone your bathroom right down to the tiniest details. The ELLE Bath Towel Collection brings some pure bliss to your bath space.

Dining room

Parisians take real pleasure in cooking and gathering people around the dining table for dinner or brunch. What matters most to them? Sharing good food with good company in a comfortable setting, of course!

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