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He’s always on the go. He dashes here, there and everywhere from business meetings to exhibitions and the cinema to dinner with friends or a date with a special woman.

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Timeless, classic men’s wardrobe pieces are the base Parisian chic is built on.

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The quintessential ELLE gentleman needs footwear that complements his lifestyle: He’s always on the go. Whether off to a high-profile business meeting or opening of a new art exhibit, or whisking his date off to movies and a romantic dinner, he is perpetually in motion. Our collection of men’s footwear provides lasting quality, luxurious materials, and cutting-edge style.

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Keep your personal items within reach, and maintain your professional, stylish aesthetic, with our luxurious men’s bags. They’re a necessity both for daily commutes to and from the office, and for travel near or far. Whether you’re hitting the streets of London, Paris, Tokyo, or New York, these well-crafted bags will protect your keepsakes and convey a subtle message: You mean business.

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    Our undergarments from the ELLE Men collection are designed with comfort in mind. They are form-fitting to disappear under the silhouette of your outfit and are meant to promote fabric breathability and softness to the touch.

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